BFA UK Summer League


The prestigious BFA UK Summer League season commences in May each year and runs through until the end of summer. The project all started in 1997, when Sporting Foundation created the Summer League with just 8 teams. It was a pioneering project, the first of its kind in London and possibly in the UK. It was a ground-breaking project because at the time no one played league football in the Summer. The league straightaway reduced tension between youths from different estates, reduced anti-social behaviour and loitering in the streets and reduced young people getting involved in drugs & alcohol and petty crime.

From 8 teams when it started, we now accommodate just fewer than 30 teams across 3 divisions including the Vets League in the Summer League season.

One of the key attractions of the league is the Summer League Cup which is fiercely competed for by all the teams in every division. The showpiece final takes place at Mile End Stadium and always offers drama and excitement.