"from grassroots to professional talent"

  Sporting Bengal History


History of Bangladeshi Football

  • The Bangladeshi community started to arrive in the UK during the 1960’s. Initially the community consisted of single men
  • The 70’s saw the formation of small Bangladeshi communities throughout the UK. In London, like many other immigrant communities the East End became their home. However, there were very few sporting opportunities for them
  • The 80’s saw the influx of Bangladeshi families. This resulted in a large Bangladeshi youth population and organisations were formed to cater for the needs of those young people. Gradually young people started to organise themselves into local football teams
  • The 90’s saw the development of these teams as they ventured into Sunday League football
  • The Asian League offered an opportunity for these teams to compete against each other
  • The Summer League offered less established teams to play football which helped the rapid expansion of new teams to the current level we have now


 History of Sporting Bengal United FC and BFA


  • It all began with a football tour to Bangladesh in 1996 by a group of the best Bangladeshi players in London 
  • There was a realisation that talent was being wasted with the divisions that existed and that nothing had been achieved by individual teams
  • It was agreed that a selective team, consisting of all the best players in the community would form Sporting Bengal United FC
  • The formation of Sporting Bengal required a body to co-ordinate it
  • Thus BFA was set up in 1996 to co-ordinate football for the whole of East London


Over the Years

Sporting Bengal played in the Asian League for 3 years between 1996-1998.  After winning the league for 3 years in succession and cup for 2 years they moved to the London Intermediate League.

They entered the Kent Senior Football League in 2003 despite opposition from the FA and other football bodies.  The Kent Leageu was very helpful and supportive in the early years.

In 2011, Sporting moved to the Essex Senior Football League as it was difficult to travel to away games in the Kent League.

Sporting has also been competing in the UK Asian Championship in Glasgow since its inception in 1998.  Sporting has won the tournament 3 times and been runners up 4 times.


Sporting Bengal United FC Achievements so far


Asian league champions three years in succession


Asian league cup winners two years in succession


Appeared in Nike advert in hackney marshes


Toured Bangladesh, playing under 16 and 19 national sides


Entered the London intermediate league


Sporting Bengal hosts Dhaka Mohammedan SC UK tour – Sporting Bengal lost 3-2


Sporting Bengal hosts Dhaka Abahani Limited UK tour, and Sporting Bengal won 2-1


Sporting Bengal players represent Bangladesh in the UK inner city world cup and become champions


UK Bangladeshi football champions two years in succession


UK Asian football champions - held at Ibrox Stadium


Toured Bangladesh, losing 2-1 to national team.


UK Asian Football Champions - held at Celtic park


Granted senior status by the London Football Association


Elected to the semi professional Kent Senior League


Accepted into the FA Vase competition


Accepted into the FA Cup competition


Sporting Bengal, one of two Asian teams to play in the famous FA Cup


UK Asian football champions

  • Tower Hamlets Mayors Cup 2017


  • Youth Mentoring Programme


  • Tower Hamlets Youth League Summer Season 2017