"uniting communities through football"


Summer League


The Summer League is one of the groundbreaking and pioneering football projects in the UK. It has been running since 1997. It started with 8 teams but has grown and now has 40 teams, 4 divisions and over 1000 players participate every week. It is the first ever Summer League in London and possibly in the UK. The Summer league is unique because it is played in the summer months from May to August every year. It is played in one venue and all the teams play on the same day.

The teams don’t have to do anything apart from come and play and enjoy the day. It is the only amateur league where you have 3 officials.The main aim of the Summer League was and still is to provide diversionary activities for local young people during the holiday period. Many were getting into anti-social behaviour, petty crime,drugs and vandalism.

It was also to unify the community and bring the young people together as there were high incidents of gang violence between the different estates. Today young people look forward to the Summer League and have taken positions of responsibility as coaches, managers and secretaries of their teams. The league has also increased community cohesion as more than 40 different ethnic groups participate every year. 


Outcomes of Summer League & Awards Ceremony

  • Keeps over 1000 young people occupied in positive activities during May to August

  • Helps people not previously health conscious or active to start exercising and live more healthily

  • Supports community cohesion and the building of stronger communities by bringing people of all backgrounds together

  • Helps to reduce youth crime and gang conflict

  • Supports excluded people back into the community i.e. offenders, drug users, refugees and new migrants

  • Enhances ‘soft’ life skills such as time-keeping, communication, team-work and leadership skills

  • Awards ceremony gives recognition to young people of their achievement and success in front of more than 500 people, which helps many to get their life back on track

  • Recognises volunteers and community leaders giving time to local football and for the development of young people


BFA welcomes a small number of new teams to join the league every.  If you are considering entering a team please email or call us on 020 7392 2126.  Also to find out more about the Summer League or to sponsor the league please contact us on the above numbers.



Member Teams/Clubs (Adults)


Abohani FC


Manor FC

Shoreditch FC



Mohammedan A


Al Mizan

East One FC A

Mohammedan B

SOUL Youth

Barnardo FC

East One FC B

Newark A

Stepney FC A

Beaumont Atheletic

Elite Ash Shabbab

Newark B

Stepney FC B

Beaumont Ath Youth

Elite Youth

NW Brotherhood


Bow FC

Hackney Probashi

Ponders End


Bromley By Bow FC

Iltown FC

Poplar United

Weavers FC

Bromley Juniors

Island FC

Shadwell FC

West End Utd

Burdett FC

London Central FC

Shadwell Youth

West Ham SC





  • Tower Hamlets Mayors Cup 2017


  • Youth Mentoring Programme


  • Tower Hamlets Youth League Summer Season 2017